Alternative Barnsley Returns With Series Of Concerts

Local arts website, Alternative Barnsley, is returning after a mid-summer break, with a series of concerts Barnsley Rock and Blues (formerly, but still loving called The Polish Club).

Organiser Jason White says, ‘summer music festival are always the highlight of the local music scene in June and July and I think that any local gig is likely to be over-shadowed by them. I plan to return in August with the first of a number of really strong line-up that really reflect the breadth and depth of Barnsley music. Future gigs will include bands like the Black Lamps, Trudger and The Hurriers. We will also have two charity concerts in September.’

Friday 29th August sees that return to live music with a unique collaboration with Barnsley record label, Of National Importance Records, through which post-punk band The Exhibition will launch their latest EP. The band features in its line-up Joel Burrows (Guitar), Pete Dand (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Murray (Bass) and Lee Padget (Drums).

Of National Importance Records owner Joe Boyd said that ‘the band’s new EP, ‘Carry To The End’ has been mastered by Tom Woodhead, who has worked with some big names such as Hookworms and Post War Glamour Girls and this is a really good opportunity to see a band playing at their live best right now.’

Jason White ends, ‘Of National Importance Records is releasing some of the best music coming out of Barnsley right now, and if you like bands such as The Editors, Television and Joy Division, then you’ll love The Exhibition. The bands coming out of this scene right now, has the strength and character to match that of Barnsley post-punk scene of the mid-80s, which included seminal bands such as Party Day and The Second Coming.’

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