Barnsley Burlesque Extravaganza 4

“There’s something special about the 3rd Burlesque Extravaganza being held at Barnsley’s Trades Club. Many have guffawed the choice of venue, but the fact is The Trades, along with the similar Polish Club are two of the better live music venues in town; both having a wonderful curtained stage, great sound, good ale, seating and standing area and nice staff. It might be arguable that there are any other venues that offer all of this but what is true is that no other central venues are as open to offer a range of live metal, indie, pop, folk, blues and theatre as these are”

Jason White, Alternative Barnsley –

“I went to The Barnsley Burlesque evening last month after being invited by The Darton Arrow’s very own Jo Ruston! I went out of curiousity, having only been to Burlesque once before at a music festival. It’s not been something that I’ve naturally been drawn to in the past, but as an open minded person, I thought I’d give it a go. What followed was a brilliant night of entertainment. I laughed a lot! (If you are familiar with the Burlesque circuit watch out for Heidi Bang Tidy). Also, I was inspired by each and every performer. Each was there celebrating their womanhood and each performed with integrity and showmanship. I didn’t think I was a feminist but I felt empowered watching as the women on stage were not the image of beauty that we get presented with everyday in the media. They were all different shapes and sizes – they were real. I know that when my own daughter is old enough, I will take her along as now I’ve experienced it, I can’t think of a better positive role model in terms of having a healthy relationship with body image. I will definitely be going to the next one on the 19th October! Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll give it a go myself.”

Beth Goddard


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