Barnsley is out of this world with two space themed family shows at The Civic

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet” Stephen Hawking Town is buzzing with things to do with the kids, and little astronauts will be sky high with delight at all the space themed activities. Firstly, this weekend The Civic will put on the Tin Foil Astronaut, an original live show with music and puppets from the makers of The Owl and the Pussycat. ‘…One little boy near me, who couldn’t have been more than four at the most, sat absolutely entranced, a smile of wonder on his face…. All he saw was a spaceship flying over his head.That’s the power of well-done children’s theatre.’British Theatre Guide On your marks….get set…BLAST OFF! Today is the day of the space race! A race to put the first human on the Moon! But our astronaut isn’t quite like others, she’s different.

Alba has been in training and she has even made her own rocket! But can she really power a rocket with crisps? What is past Pluto? Are there robots in Space? And will anyone ever listen to the smallest of space explorers? It’s one small step for most astronauts, but one giant leap for little Alba! Join us for a surprising space race and see if Alba really can make it all the way to the moon. A cosmic adventure to outer space! Tin Foil Astronaut is a story of discovery, individuality and a celebration of differences for 3-7 year olds and their families. Including original live music and puppets. Tin Foil Astronaut is at The Civic, Barnsley on Sunday 10 February at 2:30pm Towards the end of February, The Civic will show one of their own co-commissions, Stella. With support from The Civic, Barnsley and Arc, Stockton, Filskit Theatre have created a new show inspired by our night sky. Stella, is a brand new piece of theatre for children aged 3-6 and their families. Stella is a star engineer who lives on the moon. She keeps the stars shining bright for when we need them most, to make a wish or find our way home. But down on Earth things are changing and people are no longer looking up. There is everlasting light and the night sky is under threat. The Moon is getting weaker, the stars are burning out, the tides are changing, and the Earth is beginning to spin faster and faster. Stella is an original story about a young woman’s quest to reclaim the night, to keep the stars shining bright and to save her home. Using projection, clowning and aerial circus, we want to talk about our sky. We’ll explore how light pollution means that Stella no longer hears our stories and how sometimes it is important to turn out the lights and wish upon a star. Stella has been commissioned by Arc, Stockton and The Civic, Barnsley Stella is at The Civic, Barnsley on Sunday 24 February at 2:30pm, Monday 25 February at 1:00pm and Tuesday 26 February at 10:00am.Tickets for both shows are £8, £6 concession and £5 childAll Sunday family performances at The Civic are relaxed. For more information and to book these events and more visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.

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