Barnsley Music Festival To Be Held At Over 15 Venues Featuring 135 Bands

​The LIVE in Barnsley Free Music Festival started with two local guys, Dave Pearsall and Steve Clifford, having a pint in their local back in December 2012 and discussing the merits of Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival and how there ought to be a similar festival in Barnsley.  Six months later and Barnsley’s first metropolitan music festival took place in the town centre with 11 venue and 99 bands taking part.  An estimated 2,000+ turned up to watch nine hours of musical entertainment.

In 2014 the festival expanded to 13 venues and 117 bands.  The summer sunshine brought over 4,000 people out and pubs reported record takings.  Two pubs even ran out of beer and had to resort to selling bottles only.

So here we are in 2015 and the festival has expanded again.  This year 15 venues and 135 bands (that’s well over 500 musicians) taking part.

The landlords and owners of all the venues involved have always been really supportive, and so have local PA companies, printers and instrument suppliers.  We source as much as we can from Barnsley firms and we have worked with everyone from the town museum & college to the local chippy.  The full festival sponsors for the second time are local roofing specialists, Fenton and Fenton Roofing.

As a free festival, the whole show is totally reliant on sponsorship, advertising and music loving folk giving their time and talent for free.  We receive no public funding from the local authority or any government agency.  We have a lot of local people to thank for all the support they have given us, without them, this would never have got off the ground.  The festival has received national recognition at the UK Festival Awards in London and Barnsley is now firmly on the music festival map.

If you would like to support the festival again this year​ ​in any way we would be very grateful.  ​We have held our stage sponsoring prices at last years rates and we have reduced our programme advertising prices for the two smallest size of advert.  Which means you can now advertise in the festival programme from as little as £15.  ​ Please find attached our sponsorship brochure for this year and details of how we can help each other.  If you are not in a position to support the festival financially but would like to help promote the event by ​ simply ​ displaying a poster or in some other way, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


PS. We also support local charities and in 2014 we raised over £1,200 for Barnsley Hospice and £800 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  This year we are hoping to raise even more for the Hospice and also Creative Recovery and Muscular Dystrophy

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