Barnsley On Film

Tuesday 05 September 2017 @ 10:30 Showing In Screen 2 – Parkway Cinema: Barnsley

From the Barnsley Battalion in 1915 to the bustling Market, coal mining memories to the popular Yorkshire TV production ‘It’s No Joke Living in Barnsley’, Barnsley on Film will take you on an amazing journey through the decades, with over a century of films capturing the sights, sounds, faces, places, changing landscapes and industries, great events and everyday lives of people in Barnsley. 

Barnsley on Film, presented by the Yorkshire Film Archive, will reveal the lost industries of Barnsley, including 1930s footage of the CEAG Lightbulb factory, to the new production methods of the 1950s Brook Motors works. Coal mining from 1919 to 1987 will be a seam and theme that runs through the event. But it’s not all coal: look back at the 1969 centenary Lord Mayor’s Parade, 1960s Birdwell May Queens, a visit by the real Queen in 1977 and more regal reels with a 1937 Coronation celebration on the hallowed turf of Oakwell Park. From brass bands to black pudding – there is guaranteed to be something for everyone who loves Barnsley!

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