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Guest Blogger: Emily Carney

My name is Emily and I write for music blog called The Audio Club and I have also recently started working with a Manchester-based PR company called Studio 13.

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I have recently put together a compilation album featuring some of Yorkshire’s best new artists and bands, all of the proceeds of which are going to my friend Rhian, a fellow musician who is returning to her native Australia at the end of the year. The reason that I put together the album to raise funds for her is because sadly Rhian had been in and out of hospital for the past year due to chronic sciatica and nerve damage in her back and legs. At the age of 23 she has undergone numerous painful operations, including having metal discs placed in her spine.

Due to severe restrictions her condition has put on her, she has been unable to work. Her mum has loaned her some of the money to get back to Australia (a move which is necessary as the cold climate over here only prolongs and intensifies the pain that she is still suffering from) and she has managed to scrape the rest from a small amount of savings she had. However, despite trying to rework her budget in every possible way, she has no funds to take her dog Lacey back to Australia with her.

Rhian Lacey

I know that it may seem silly to be trying to raise funds to help send a dog to Australia, as I have had some backlash from people saying that “If you can afford to go to Australia you can afford to take your dog”, though this backlash was from people who didn’t know anything about Rhian and Lacey’s story. I have made it clear to everyone who has been involved in this project that I am aware that there are so many brilliant causes that people can donate to, and in no way am I trying to make light of or detract attention from them. I simply want to help Rhian raise some money so that she can start a new better life with her best friend by her side, because she thoroughly deserves it, and I thought it would be an excellent way of spreading the music that all the fantastic bands and artists featured on the album have produced, as I think our local music scene is severely underrated.

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