Change To The Advertised Autumn Exhibition Programme at The Civic

Gallery@ The Civic was due to exhibit ‘Kobi’, an exhibition of shoes by Israeli Designer Kobi Levi at the end of November as recently advertised in our Autumn/Winter brochure. However there has now been a late change to the programme.

We apologise to any of our visitors who were particularly looking forward to the work coming to Barnsley and hope that you will join us to enjoy the alternative programmed show.

Gallery@ will now present….

Royal Photographic Society – International Images for Science 2013.

Showcasing an extraordinary variety of scientific photography, this biennial exhibition explores worlds we can only imagine, or that are used as tools in everyday life in medicine, engineering and other related fields.

The exhibition is a stunning, colourful, visual feast. What is particularly exciting is that the images highlight the crucial role that photography continues to play in modern science, illustrating the work of scientists and as an essential research tool. This year’s exhibition is outstanding in the breadth of subjects and the quality of work shown”. Dr. Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS, Exhibition Co-ordinator

Royal Photographic Society – International Images for Science 2013 exhibits in Gallery@ Saturday 20 December to Saturday 7 February.

All Gallery@ exhibitions are free admission.

For more information visit or call the Box Office on 01226 327000    

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