Credit Card Payments on your Mobile Device

I recently joined the Federation of Small Businesses and one of the conversations that came up during the initial ‘induction’ meeting was a new invention that allows you to take card payments on your mobile phone with just one fee when the payment is taken. There are no equipment/software rental or subscription costs.

I was told to look out for an email from the FSB in the near future regarding this natty new invention. Being my usual patient self, I have ended up doing my own ‘Google’ research. What I found was a variety of options. At first, I came across ‘The Square’ which can be found on This system seems to favour of the iPad or iPhone range but can also be used on certain Android devices. The only failing is that it was only showing as being available in America at the moment although, it appears to have plans to come here soon. For more details, go to their website at the link above.

Further investigations found a UK option with Sign up and receive the card reader for free – this seems to be the case for all of these devices. To me this is a brilliant step forward and could certainly reduce costs for businesses with regards to card machine fees and bank fees (which, for small businesses, have in the past been a large chunk off their bottom line). Using your smart phone, iPhone or iPad, you can receive payments anywhere. This is great for market stalls, fares, car boots, your local plumber, electricians etc. It appears to be a great invention at a fare price that for once favours the smaller business.

Other options on the market are  &

Please Note: The information above is merely my opinion and I recommend that you do your own research before making a commitment to any of the services mentioned.

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