Cross the Sky Theatre Company present Up in the Attic

‘Up In the Attic’ by Cross the Sky Theatre Company Wednesday 12 Feb, 7:30pm £10 | £6 Concession

Up in the Attic is a new production by Cross The Sky Theatre Company, a Barnsley based theatre group for adults with learning disabilities and autism.

Inspired by their own personal experiences of autism and childhood memories of play, Up in the Attic is the story of a man who goes on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance as he learns to let go of his childhood and embrace his independent, adult life.

Cross The Sky have devised a uniquely inspiring coming-of-age story that interweaves elements of Gothic horror with original songs developed by the group through workshops exploring disability pride, repetitive behaviours and overcoming negative experiences of living with autism.

You can book your tickets to see Up In The Attic online now or by calling our friendly Box Office team on 01226 327000.

Up In The Attic Trailer

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