Darton East & West NHW Area Crime Data Statistics

Hello to everyone again, I am Roy M Humphreys Area Coordinator for Darton East & West NHW Area.

I Hope everyone in the Arrow distribution area had as pleasant a holiday as possible.  Once again may I say to you, are you aware that crime statistics show that year on year out of all the domestic burglaries carried out across the Borough?  That only a very small percentage is on NHW scheme dwellings. Barnsley NHW Liaison Group has been working successfully across the Borough for 32 years and is still making the difference.

Crime Data Statistics

We have some crime data for the end of November and beginning of December 2014. It is limited and only covers four crime types, but I am sure it will be of use to you.  Once again Darton East & West have come out of this period quite low.  Theft from a vehicle, Borough wide there were 42 reported incidents of those there were one each Darton East (Mapplewell) & West (Gawber). Interference with or theft of a vehicle Borough wide  24 reported incidents, none for our areas. However it is worth a mention that one of these was an aggravated theft of vehicle that caused injury. You never know what is around the corner.  Burglary dwellings there were 18 reported incidents across the Borough, two of these were from Darton West (Wilthorpe 1 ) one of these was a distraction Burglary (Gawber). Attempted Burglary dwellings there were 9 across Borough none in our areas.  We are continuously campaigning to our County Constabulary to get the crime data more frequently, and hopefully in the New Year this will happen. I will always try to pass on to you some sort of accurate crime data.

Bank & Police alert warning; there was a joint scam alert put out by the Banks & Police.  It is a general one and not necessarily just for our areas.  If you are contacted by anyone by phone or via email claims to be from the Police or your Bank with the possibility of someone trying to or has used your bank details for fraudulent purposes.  If via email do not reply to the mail and if there is an attachment do not open this it could be very dangerous for your computer security.  If it is by phone do not give them any of your banking or personal details.  They may suggest you phone your bank or the National fraud crime help line (There is no such agency).  Do neither, they have ways of keeping your phone line connection open for a few minutes when you put yours down, you would only get them and think you are talking to your bank.  Don’t use your phone for about 15 minutes, they will have then moved onto the next target.  If you do think you have received a suspicious fraudulent call or mail let the Police know using 101.

Further information from Roy M Humphreys on 01226 219363 or mobile 07794673583

Email royston.1@blueyonder.co.uk

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