Enlightened 2013 Held in Barnsley

Designers from across the UK gathered in Barnsley last week (21 February 2013) for the exclusive preview of Enlightened, a new exhibition which brings together some of the UK’s top creative talent to explore the potential of modern laser technology.

Enlightened 2013 is presented by laser cutting and engraving firm Cutting Technologies and creative studio DMSQD and features works from renowned creatives including Raid71, Sawdust, Daniel Heath, Sneaky Raccoon and DMSQD’s own creative director Kyle Wilkinson. Designers were given complete freedom in terms of style, materials and concepts but their work had to incorporate laser cutting and/or engraving. The results included a pop-art inspired poster made in orange acrylic and steel, laser engraved typography on Valchromat, laser engraved reclaimed slates and mirrors and a laser cut acrylic chair from local designer Kyle Wilkinson.

Jane Robinson, Director at Barnsley-based firm Cutting Technologies, said: “We’re finding that more and more designers are incorporating laser technology into their designs so we wanted to explore what was possible and showcase the enormous creative potential that lasers offer. The results have quite simply been outstanding. From laser cut latex fashion to intricately engraved designs on wood, the range of exhibits is superb.”

Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director at Barnsley’s DMSQD, added: “We’ve been thrilled at the way the exhibition has been received so far and the fact that so many people travelled from across the country to our preview event. The quality and variety of work on display is fantastic and all the designers have fully embraced the challenge to explore lasers in design with incredible results.”

Enlightened is now open to the public until  8 March at Barnsley’s Digital Media Centre, County Way, Barnsley and is free to attend. www.enlightenedlaser.com

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