Fresh and Exciting Opportunities at Market Kitchen

Market Kitchen is offering six new food and beverage providers the chance to become part of an exciting new and diverse dining experience in Barnsley.

Barnsley Council Market is on the lookout  for providers who will embrace the Market Kitchen ethos, but add their own unique twist and cook-up some exciting fresh flavours.

Located on the first floor of the new market hall, Market Kitchen will offer a modern and attractive venue for individuals, families and groups of friends to meet and eat. With views across the new public square from a spacious terrace, it will provide a choice of ten food outlets with a large dining area and shared seating for up to 600 people.

The market currently has a selection of cafés which are to become a cornerstone of Market Kitchen, forming a key part of the new offer.

Anyone who is ambitious and passionate about food, and has an offer that would be at home in Market Kitchen should email and a member of the project team will get in touch. The application process opens on Monday 22 January and closes on Monday 12 February at 12pm.

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