Fujitsu and Intel launch Education Innovation Hub at Barnsley College

Barnsley College becomes latest educational institution to join Fujitsu Ambassador Programme

A new Innovation Hub is to open on Thursday 4 June, situated in the SciTech Centre at Barnsley College. This follows the announcement of Barnsley College as one of the founding Further Education Colleges to join the Fujitsu and Intel Ambassador programme.

The Innovation Hub launch is part of the Fujitsu Intel Ambassador programme and is a national engagement initiative led by the two global IT leaders that aims to highlight the use of computing power to underpin knowledge in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects and drive forward innovation and digital skills development in Barnsley and beyond.

The Innovation Hub will form the central piece of an ongoing partnership between Barnsley College, Fujitsu and Intel. The hub will be equipped with a range of the latest computing technology, and will be used to promote the use of technology and development of digital skills. The new centre will house an array of Fujitsu technology including tablets, hybrid devices, laptops and server technology, all running off the latest Intel® Core™ processors.

Barnsley College is committed to being actively involved in the economic, social and cultural development of the local community and businesses. Once opened, the Innovation Hub will be used to train members of the local community on the fundamentals of IT. Other projects will see the hub being used to support the training of local apprentices as they move into STEM related careers.

Danny Arati, Education Manager for Intel Europe, said: “Intel shares Fujitsu’s passion for education and inclusion for all and is delighted to support the Education Ambassador Programme.”

Mark Kendrick, Head of IT at Barnsley College, said: “We aim to deliver outstanding teaching and learning at Barnsley College and very much recognise the role that technology plays in being able to achieve that. From our early conversations with Fujitsu, it was clear that the team understood exactly what we wanted to achieve. With a strong track record of delivering technology to the educational sector, Fujitsu was the natural choice for the college.”

Ash Merchant, Head of Education at Fujitsu, said: “Barnsley College is passionate towards digital transformation and the role of digital in supporting its community and we’re excited to be a part of that with the launch of the Innovation Hub. Educational institutions like Barnsley College will play a crucial role in making this happen and Fujitsu is committed to supporting them in bringing their vision to life.”

The Fujitsu Intel Ambassador programme is aligned to and supported by the Education Technology Action Group. The main objectives of the programme are to develop career skills and provide expertise on personalised technology in teaching and learning.

The Ambassador programme has close links to the e-Learning Foundation, which supports schools, colleges and parents/carers in making technology in the learning environment available for all. The programme is also supported by education technology specialists Naace and the Tablet Academy.

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