Gerard’s Green Tea Abdominal Mask

For those who can’t quite face a gruelling sit-up regime, Gerard’s have created a pain free method to obtain a stomach toned to perfection that will give Britney’s a run for her money.

A revolutionary method of tightening the skin around the abdomen and reducing swelling, the Krioplast Green Tea Abdomen Mask from Gerard’s set into a rubber mould specifically designed for toning and slimming the abdomen using as little effort as possible on your behalf.

This treatment is ideal for women prone to bloating or water retention around the stomach area or for women simply carrying excess weight in this area. The green mask that is applied to the abdomen warms as it sets for 25 minutes turning into rubber, enabling the rubber mould to be lifted off in one movement, exposing a firm, toned and refined stomach.

The experience is one of pure relaxation, even including a hand and foot massage while waiting for the abdominal mask to set. Green Tea activates the liquid bio-catalysis aiding in the reduction of fat deposits around the abdomen area, while horsetail extract in the mask promotes the local blood circulation and the eliminating of wastes, creating a cool and soothing sensation. Other essential ingredients include alginate to remove excess liquids and laminar for rich mineral elements, all of which aid in creating the abdominal detox.

Available at:

Pretty Chic – 28 Church Street, Darton, Barnsley Tel: 01226 381966


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