Growing Ideas In the Shed

Author Roald Dahl, sculptor Barbara Hepworth and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters all had their finest creative moments in their sheds.

Taking inspiration from some of Britain’s finest creatives, Barnsley Digital Media Centre is to unveil its very own ideas shed – in the foyer of the County Way building.

Amanda Lennon, regional director at Oxford Innovation which runs the centre on behalf of Barnsley council, explained the unusual installation.

“The Digital Media Centre is already a creative hub but we wanted to bring that creativity together and give it a focal point. The shed is a fun way of getting people talking and thinking differently. Over a two week period in April some of Yorkshire’s leading entrepreneurs will be holding business clinics in the shed so the companies based here can bounce ideas around and examine alternative and innovative ways of working. The shed is all about doing things differently and sometimes a different place or a different setting can help to move everyday patterns of thinking into the sublime. All businesses can benefit from creative thinking and for years garden sheds have offered the perfect sanctuary. Dylan Thomas, Roald Dahl and Virginia Woolf were inspired to write their greatest works whilst holed up in their sheds. Now we’re in a truly digital age, the opportunities are limitless.”

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