Heart Cut Diamond

The most romantic cut of all, the heart cut, is perfect for a sentimental diamond engagement ring.

The heart shaped cut dates back to 1562 and has long been a symbol of love and friendship. It is the ultimate diamond shape for sentimental diamond gifts or engagement rings.

Symmetry is very important for this diamond shape, as both halves of the stone need to match. Only extremely skilled diamond cutters are able to cut this intricate shape.

The heart shaped cut is a modified version of the brilliant cut diamond, usually comprising of 56 to 58 facets, with the pavilion facets varying between 6, 7 and 8.

This diamond looks stunning set in earrings, pendants, engagement rings and alongside different gemstones. To make sure the heart shape does not remain unnoticed, we recommend choosing a diamond above 0.50ct or half carat in weight.

When choosing your diamonds, please remember the 4C’s of Diamond Quality:

Colour Most diamonds range in colour from colourless to slightly yellow. A perfect diamond has no colour at all. The Diamond colour grading chart begins at “D” & goes all the way down to “Z”. The standard for William & Julia Shaw stock pieces is G to H in colour – rare & white.

Clarity All natural diamonds have traces of their growth history, as they are a product of nature. With clarity, we can see a diamond’s purity. LC is loupe clean, VS indicates very small inclusions, SI refers to small inclusions & so on. The standard for William & Julia Shaw pieces is SI in clarity.

Cut A diamond’s cut is essential to it’s beauty. There are many different cuts/shapes to consider which offer differing sparkle, brilliance & sparkle. When a diamond is cut, the proportions, symmetry & polish are adjusted. The cut is divided into these 3 grades & each grade is evaluated according to 4 parameters; excellent, very good, good & fair.

Carat The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. The word “carat” refers only to the weight of the stone. 1 full carat = 100 points, ½ carat = 50 points & so on.

Of course, we can source diamonds & other gemstones according to your requirements, your taste & budget. If you would prefer a certified diamond, of course we can help with an IGI or a GIA certificate which is like a passport to your stone & that stone alone. Being bespoke jewellers we can create exactly what your heart desires & ensure that you are involved in every step of the process. This makes an already unique experience even more personal & pleasurable.

Article kindly supplied by William & Julia Shaw Jewellers.

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