Horizon Community College Students Become College DJs

A group of pupils from Horizon Community College took part in a DJ workshop at Barnsley College as part of a pilot enterprise project.

Through i-support, students at Barnsley College and Horizon Community College will have the opportunity to share activities and experiences through peer learning. Students from both establishments will also get involved in peer mentoring.

Rubina Rashid, Head of Enterprise at Barnsley College, said: “This pilot project is supported by our FE Pioneers programme in association with Unltd, and aims to develop social entrepreneurs of the future. For us, i-support is about giving both sets of students the opportunity to learn from each other and if the pilot is successful we hope to be able to offer the programme to other Barnsley schools in the future.”

Paul Robson from the Community Enterprise Team at Horizon added: “This is a fantastic project that allows our pupils to learn new skills and work alongside students from Barnsley College. It is wonderful to see the pupils getting so involved in the workshops. The experience will prepare them for the next step on their education journey as well as boosting the skills they would need to set up their own businesses.”

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