Hospitality Sheffield’s 7th Annual Spring Forward Day

Pupils from Stocksbridge, Parkwood Academy, and Springs Academy schools took part in Hospitality Sheffield’s seventh annual Spring Forward event, which took place around the city yesterday.

One of the activities was  a lunch time table service competition at the Novotel. Food & Beverage Team Leader Robert Olzewsky commented:

“I was really impressed by the pupils’ attention to detail and their enthusiasm for the task. This industry is all about going out of your way to make things extra special for the customer, and I felt like the pupils really took that on board. I think it made a nice change for them to be able to get so hands on with a task, and to know that the final responsibility for making sure it was right sat with them.”

The event also included a course information session with  Sheffield College, Sheaf training ,The Hospitality Academy , Spring Board and Sheffield Hallam University, who sponsored the event.

“Sheffield, like many cities, is finding it harder and harder to find talented staff from the local area – which seems a huge shame when so many young people in the area are struggling to find employment.  Spring Forward aims to give a real hands-on insight into the workings of a busy hotel or kitchen, and to inspire them – a career within hospitality can be exciting, challenging and rewarding, particularly in a city recently ranked the best city for hotel service in the UK.”*

*According to research conducted by, Sheffield has the best hotel customer service in the UK. Their findings were based on analysis of the post-stay reviews of over 25,700 guests who rated the friendliness and competence of hotel staff.

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