Jo’s Lifestyle Change – Day 4

Day 4 of the trial – Getting up was very painful indeed and getting in and out of the car was difficult. Is did a gentle warm up on the rower followed by my first set of fifteen minute exercises. Just a steady day today and having had a bath tonight I feel a lot better. No hunger pangs and no massive cravings yet!

I’m going through a lot of fruit and vegetables which is good and I’m not feeling bloated at all. I did a lot of shopping around and found that out of Tescos, Morrisons and Asda, Asda had the best range organic food, although not a full one. They also supply Sanex 0% which is paraben free (a lot less toxic) at a good price. I also found coconut shampoo at Superdrug which was reasonably priced although fairly well hidden. The toothpaste was from Holland and Barrett who have a full range of the above in good but expensive brands. Looking forward to the weekend 🙂 as I get sunday off – yay!

Dude unimpressed (yesterday)

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