Jo’s Lifestyle Change – Days 13 to 22

It’s been a week since my last blog – apologies for this. It is mainly due to technical issues with my Mac. It’s certainly been an interesting one. I’m still enjoying the food but this has been the toughest so far. My cravings have varied from bread and butter pudding to baked beans!

In terms of exercise, I have continued my daily visits to see Richard and we have been working with weights doing numbered repetitions to timed sets. It certainly made for good variation. My weight is still dropping and I have another week to go with Monday the 6th being my final weigh in – pictures and stats to follow.

On Friday (just gone) I was given a 10 day detox pax full of herbal goodness which will clear out all the bad stuff 🙂 Have a look at some of the pictures of the great meals I’m having. Back in a few days !

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