Jo’s Lifestyle Change – Days 7,8 & 9

All is good and the exercise is going well with a lot less stiffness and soreness. Too many eggs and a lot of dried fruit had slowed my internal workings down so Richard gave me some wheat grass to help. Witch wee is an understatement! I continued to drink lots of water and now, all is flowing nicely thanks. I was told afterwards there was a strawberry variety mmmm 🙂

Really enjoying the diet and finding new foods and tastes. I’m especially liking the coconut milk and all the nuts. Exercise is increasing on a daily basis and I’m coping well with it, although my gluts (buttocks area) are not working as well which required my bum cheeks being ‘punched’ so to speak – actually not that painful. I didn’t realise it was part of the trial but ‘hey ho’ – all’s good 🙂

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