Joanne’s Bedroom Renovation

After 6 years of living in my back bedroom, this Christmas I got the chance to move back in to my old front bedroom. A little decoration was required.

The culprit and its 80 year old plaster!

Initially, it was all to be painted but the walls had different ideas, well, one wall in particular. Had I got the money, I would have re-plastered them all. As this was not the case, it was going to be a paper job. It was not straight forward. The patterns were difficult to match and the edges kept tearing as we cut it.  Then came the search for a border. That was not to be easy either and ended up being cut from a full roll of wall paper. Deep Joy !!!

The painting begins.

Painting and Papering

Next, the furniture needed a ‘freshen up’ – word to the wise: do not use spray can primers or paints – just do it by hand.

I ended up with a very nice end result – albeit an awkward journey.

Both of these looked like antique / old fashioned furniture as they were laminated hardboard. They were sanded down with a coat of primer and then at least 2 coats of gloss paint to finish.

The cupboard doors painted and papered. They were then given a gloss coat for protection with yacht varnish. The same treatment was given to the wardrobe.

So to the finished products!!!

The chest of draws were £20 pine ones from Ikea – I painted them up in the same way as the other furniture. Topped off with new lamps, lamp shade (for the ‘big’ light), rug and a lovely new charcoal carpet from Floor Master – I need to give them a mention as they were very patient with me and did a grand job.

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