Maintaining Your Property Through the Winter Season

Winter can take its toll on your home, especially with temperature and snow that is worse than we have seen for a decade; this is what is expected for winter 2012!!!

There are some very simple and easy steps you as a homeowner can take to prevent misery from extra undue repair bills which coupled with the high fuel bills the winter months bring can really damage your finances.

We have listed some of these simple steps below to help you achieve this:

Roof Guttering & Downpipes


Always check external paintwork around doors and windows, peeling in these areas can allow water to penetrate the wood and begin to rot it, avoid paying extra repair bills with a quick coat of external masonry paint.


Always check windows open without sticking, as the winter draws on this will only get worse as the days get colder.


Always check external light bulbs for signs of damage, dark winter nights are not the ideal time to be stuck without lighting.


Always check your draught excluders, if they are not fit for purpose this can cause elevated fuel bills.



Garden Fences


Always have good ventilation for rooms such as your kitchen or bathroom, condensation will form and eventually create bubbles and peeling in paintwork this will only intensify over the years leaving your kitchen or bathroom looking tired and neglected, you can also use specialist kitchen and bathroom paints to help with the problem.

We would always state there is no one definitive guide to maintaining your property as everyone’s home is different, but with a bit of observation and a twist of common sense you can avoid unexpected costs. If you need any more advice about aspects of property maintenance for your home please feel free to give us a call on 01226 889332 or 07881940940.

Article kindly supplied by Barnsley Property Repairs


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