Meet Barnsley’s Own Fireman Sam

I am very passionate & conscientious about my work and believe in giving the best possible advice, value and commitment to every single job.

The Chimney Sweep Shop and The Stove Shop are located inside The Building Shop which when put together provides a unparalleled level of knowledge and service, the likes of which are very unique and specialised, I believe no one else in the country offers so much under one roof.

About the Guild of Master Sweepers

The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps was established with the goal to improve standards within the industry by introducing professional training and assessment for sweeps.

Today, the Guild is both nationally and internationally recognised for its efforts and achievements in improving standards for both chimney sweeps and their customers.

The Guild is also a member of the ‘Europaische Schornsteinfegermeister Föderation’ or the European Federation of Master Chimney Sweeps (ESCHFOE). Some countries take chimney sweeping more seriously than others for example, in Germany, it is a legal requirement that chimneys are swept once a year. This has resulted in Germany having a drastically lower number of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisonings than the UK.

Sweeps within the UK are still not legally obliged to pursue any training or gain any qualifications in order to trade. However, for a chimney sweep to become a member of the Guild they must meet and adhere to strict criteria while also achieving the highest minimum standards in the industry.

For chimney sweeps this means that they can provide the highest level of service to their customers while having the support and experience of a national trade organisation. Many Guild members go on to gain further qualifications within the chimney sweeping industry.

For their customers, when they seek the service of a Guild Chimney Sweep, they can have the peace of mind knowing that they will be receiving an excellent standard of service and knowledge from a professionally registered person.

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