More Businesses sign the Apprenticeship Pledge

Over 40 businesses have now signed Barnsley’s Apprenticeship Pledge, with more signing daily.

These businesses have signed to demonstrate their commitment to economic growth, local opportunities and raising the profile of apprenticeships.

Launched during Apprenticeship Week 2013, the initiative asks Barnsley businesses to commit to working toward employing 2.5% of their workforce as apprentices by April 2014.

Since its launch, the Pledge has attracted support from both public and private sector organisations, large businesses and smaller enterprises. Any business with a Barnsley base is welcome to sign up.

Owen Gleadall, Managing Director of Merlin Software said: “We have signed Barnsley’s Apprenticeship Pledge because the future of this industry lies with young people and the Apprenticeship programme allows us to find the talent of the future.”

Owen, who employs a Customer Service and Marketing apprentice with Barnsley College, goes on to say: “We have had apprentices in the past and we know that if you invest in the right apprentice, the system works. They provide a new lease of life and bring new ideas to the business.”

Colin Booth, Barnsley College Principal has been a key driver of the Pledge. Colin said “Collectively the businesses already involved with the Pledge employ over 300 apprentices. We hope that the Pledge initiative will create over 500 Apprenticeship positions for Barnsley and show businesses the benefits apprentices can bring to their organisations. Every business involved is commended for their commitment to providing local opportunities to people in Barnsley.”

Helen Jagger, Chief Executive at Berneslai homes, said “We have signed the Pledge to support the local community and demonstrate our commitment to Apprenticeships. We believe that apprentices are the future of our company and our Apprenticeship scheme is designed to develop the talent that will take our business forward.”

Any organisation, regardless of size or sector, can sign the Pledge. If you would like your business to be involved, or if you would like more information call 01226 216 166 or email

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