My Slimming World Journey

12th October 2016 , is the day that would change my life forever. I would walk through the door of the Chapel in Dodworth to meet the most welcoming Slimming World consultant called Christine Melhuish who would start me on my journey to a slimmer, fitter and more confident me although not knowing this at the time.

I had visited group a couple of week or so before not thinking about joining as I was there to support my wife who was thinking of joining and of course was asked the question have you thought about joining, but being a bloke thought no its not gunna be for me this but didn’t dismiss the idea and explained to Christine that it’s something I would contemplate and when I put my mind to something I go all in. So whilst pondering over this issue I would unofficially start the journey and when I walked through the door to make the life changing decision I was already around a stone lighter.

On 12th October I came to my first group meeting had the new member talk, signed on the dotted line and at the end was weighed tipping the scales at a mighty 29 stone 4 pounds, my journey on Slimming world had begun.

47 sessions later, which in total is 11 months exactly I have shed an official total of 11 stone 7 pounds (13/9/17) and reached my Target weight of 18 stone plus another 3 pound making my weight 17 st 11 pd. In this time I have achieved Slimmer of the week 23 times, I have achieved slimmer of the month 9 times, I have also achieved my groups ” Greatest Loser 2017 ” and ” Man of the Year 2017 ” all voted for, by the members in my group.

I now can go buy clothes off the peg being a size xl or 2xl dependent on fit, I also buy a 40″ waist trouser/jeans (a drop of 16 “). I go walking as often as possible and go out on my bicycle (that is 24 years old) for a good ride of 10 / 20 mile at a time as often as possible and when I can I will go Rugby training with my son at Barnsley Rugby Club. I have loads of energy now and when I’m out with family instead of being the one lagging behind, they now need to keep up with me!

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