Naylor Acquires Raglan

With effect from 23 January 2015, Naylor Drainage has acquired the business and assets of Raglan, a plastic raw material processor .

Naylor is a fourth generation family business based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire; the company is a leading manufacturer of clay and plastic pipes for sewerage, industrial effluent, surface water and cable ducting.

Raglan, a supplier of Naylor, is a processor and supplier of plastic raw materials- primarily PVC- based in Hyde, Cheshire. Raglan’s Paul Parker has joined Naylor as General Manager of the new business, Naylor Polymers, which will trade as a division of Naylor Drainage Ltd.

Naylor Acquires Raglan – Edward Naylor and Paul Parker

Naylor Chief Executive Edward Naylor commented “this acquisition will allow Naylor to strengthen our supply chain at the same time as developing a business to supply third parties with a range of high-quality materials in pelletised and pulverised form.”

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