Naylor Industries Employee Celebrates 40 Years in Clay Industry

Dr David Hoyland, Laboratory Technician, retires from Cawthorne, Barnsley based Naylor Drainage Ltd on 31 December 2013 shortly after clocking up 40 years’ service in the ceramic industry.

In commemoration, Naylor Industries Directors Edward Naylor and Bridie Warner-Adsetts presented David with a 40 year service medal on behalf of the Institute of Clayworkers. David is part of a remarkable family dynasty. His father and two uncles also had long service within the clay industry: the four family members’ combined service amounts to an extraordinary 180 years.

The photo shows from left: Neil Reading, Mark Booth, Edward Naylor, David Hoyland, Bridie Warner-Adsetts, Kirsty Ibbotson and Sarah Robinson

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