Refreshing the parts other radio stations cannot reach…

“We’re looking to be on air from during April and May …”

David Markwell has been working on an idea for almost two years around setting up Horizon’s very own community radio.

The idea is that the students and the public work alongside local DJs to produce interesting and worthwhile listening through live broadcasts.

David, who started out as a hospital radio presenter in 1979, is currently working at BBC Radio Sheffield as a Senior Broadcasting Journalist.

With more than 25 years’ experience, David is looking forward to something special. He said: “I love sound. I love the radio and I love Barnsley and that is why I want to put something back into my local town and the community.

“A community radio station is different from commercial radio; the commercial station is there to make money and to provide a music service, a community station has a different remit in that it has to provide something that the other radio stations don’t.

“For us in particular, the music programmes that we will be providing, especially in the evenings, are going to be specialist music programmes that you wouldn’t normally find on commercial stations. For example, one of the programmes is going to be looking at alternative music and the arts in Barnsley rather than the current music you hear on commercial or public radio.

“We’re looking to be on air from mid April on a short-term 28 day licence to start with. It is our plan to then look at applying for a longer one after we have shown Ofcom what type of service we are providing to the community in Barnsley. Barnsley needs a community station that offers something different and we hope to provide that.

“Horizon students will get the chance to present some of the programmes, report on events and issues within the local community and they will also be creating and organising radio interviews for local people to come and participate in discussions around various topics. They will also be gaining experience within a radio environment.”

If you would like to put forward your ideas for Horizon Radio, then please send them to with the subject FAO David Markwell 

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