School Pupils Shape Their Future at University Campus Barnsley

Children and their parents from South Hiendley Primary School in Wakefield visited University Campus Barnsley (UCB) to explore learning and careers – using Play-Doh and Mr Men.

The 10 pupils, aged between eight and 10, took part in a range of activities designed to get them thinking about their futures and raise aspirations about what they could achieve. Using Play-Doh, the children were tasked with making something related to the job they would like to do when they were older. Creations included a swimmer, a sheep by someone interested in animal care and a dinosaur by a pupil who wants to be a palaeontologist.

The visitors also took a treasure hunt tour of UCB, used Mr Men and Little Misses to look at the qualities needed for particular careers and played ‘Degree or No Degree’, a game inspired by the famous TV game ‘Deal or No Deal’, which aimed to show which qualifications are needed for specific jobs.

Sharon Hellewell, Information Team Leader at UCB, said: “We recognise the importance of increasing awareness about career pathways and raising young people’s aspirations from an early age using methods that are relevant to them. It was great to welcome the pupils and their parents from South Hiendley Primary School and we are more than happy to arrange taster days for other schools and parents.”

Sue Dawson from South Hiendley Primary School added: “Our visit to UCB gave our Key Stage 2 children an insight into life at university. This will hopefully encourage them to work hard at school so they can consider going on to Higher Education in the future.”

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