Sixth Form College Reaches Significant Milestone

The steel frame of the new Barnsley Sixth Form College campus is now complete, a significant milestone in the construction of the building.

Barnsley manufactured steel is forming the frame of the Sixth Form College campus which was made locally by Billington Structures, based in Wombwell.

The next steps will involve putting up external walls and working on internal features of the building including floors and ceilings.

Vice Principal of Property Development at Barnsley College, Andrew Fairest, said: “I am excited and delighted at how the project is proceeding. This is a great milestone for this landmark building, which is a gateway into Barnsley. We are very pleased with the progress to date and that a local company has been so heavily involved in this project with BAM Construction, the main contractor. It’s a fantastic view from the top which will be great for our students to see once the campus is complete.”

Jason Pink from BAM construction, the main contractor behind the build, added: “Construction is going very well and we are on target to complete the internal finishes over the coming weeks. The building is really starting to take form now that the frame is complete.”

For more information about studying A Levels at Barnsley Sixth Form College go to

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