South Yorkshire School Children Set To Learn About World War One in Fallen Fields Project for Centen

More than a hundred primary schools in South Yorkshire have been sent a free project to help children study World War One in its centenary year. The limited-edition Fallen Fields project was researched and written by Barnsley-based Cornerstones Education and offered free to schools across England and Wales last month.

Since then, more than a thousand schools in the UK have taken a copy of the project including more than a hundred in South Yorkshire. Many have downloaded its teaching and learning resources direct from the company’s website.

Cornerstones expects many teachers to lead lessons on the subject next term in the run up to Remembrance Day.

This Monday (August 4th) marks the 100th anniversary of the UK’s declaration of war with Germany.

Cornerstones curriculum director Melanie Moore said: “The First World War is being commemorated all over the country in this its 100thanniversary year.

“We feel it is important younger generations develop a good knowledge and understanding of this significant and complex period in our history.

“We wrote this project to help teachers prepare learning experiences which will enable pupils to investigate every aspect of conflict in a sensitive and thoughtful way.”

Fallen Fields is aimed at ten and eleven-year olds and comes with ready-made learning resources such as presentations, song lyrics and maps as well as photographs, poems, paintings and website links.

It incorporates facts and figures about the First World War and suggestions for activities such as creating timelines and newspaper articles; planting poppies; and interviewing family members to ask if they have any stories passed down about the 1914-1918 conflict.

Children may focus on topics including war horses, the impact of the war on women, trench warfare, the homefront and propaganda. The project even provides a step-by-step guide to help the children organise their own Remembrance Day event.

The Fallen Fields project follows the creative learning format of all Cornerstones imaginative learning projects, which means it is designed to help children think for themselves; encouraging them to engage, develop, innovate and express themselves, while at the same time providing comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum.

Free copies of Fallen Fields are still available for primary schools – and the project is also suitable for Year 7 pupils at secondary schools. To download, visit: Additional resources will be e-mailed.

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