Students Focus On Rally Driving Skills

A group of Barnsley College Engineering students have taken part in a rally day at Chris Birkbeck Rally School in Saltburn, North Yorkshire.

The students were briefed on the basic skills and techniques of rally driving and then given the chance to take the wheel through stages of the rally craft, from hand brake turns to controlled opposite-lock slides, coached by professional rally instructors in specially prepared Ford Focus rally cars.

The students had varying prior experience in driving; some had grass and motorcycle rally experience, whilst three of the students had never driven a vehicle before.

Students were then given the chance to be a passenger in a MK2 Ford Escort high speed demonstration run with rally driver Dave Hemingway to appreciate the thrill of a professional driver’s skill.

Finally the students were invited to look over the rally preparation workshops and met with the mechanical team who build the vehicles and support the professional rally teams.

Level 2 Motor Vehicle apprentice Patrick Lofthouse, 23, said: “I have driven on a grass course before, but the experience of driving on a purpose-built rally stage with gravel, tarmac and hairpin bends has been amazing.”

Level 1 Motor Vehicle student Callum Lockwood, 16, added: “The rally day has been really good, I have never driven a car before, but I’d love to do it again. It has really made me want to work in the motorsports industry.”

Barnsley College is offering new courses in Motor Sport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.  Call 01226 216 123 for more information.

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