Tiny submarines inside the human body… what could possibly go wrong?

International theatre company Green Ginger are bringing their 40th anniversary production to The Civic.

“There’s always something wonderfully anarchic about Green Ginger…an inspired mix of art and lunacy” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

In a future not so very far away, miniaturized human workers represent a breakthrough in medical science. This intrepid corps of caretakers acts as a workforce designed to be an essential part of any health care regime. Intronauts are personal cleaners, injected into the human body to carry out essential maintenance in order to keep a level of health and hygiene beyond compare.

But what happens if your cleaner discovers your dirty laundry? And how much do you actually want to know about what goes on deep inside your body?

This new play suitable for audiences 12+ is absurd and highly visual. It uses puppetry, physical comedy, original music and animated projection to introduce the audience to a bizarre dystopian future.

“Fusing classic sci-fi with absurd comedy, this production is a bit like if Star Trek met Mighty Boosh, with a narrative that could fit in as a more upbeat episode of Black Mirror.” Edinburgh Guide

Green Ginger’s new show propels audiences into a microscopic world, taking them on a fantastical journey deep into the inner reaches of the human body. Intronauts is a madcap story that sheds light on advancing technology and brings us face to face with big syringes and a tiny submarine.

Taking its cue from classic sci-fi movies and fuelled by absurd visual comedy and innovative puppetry, Intronauts offers an intoxicating inner body experience that is out of this world. This is the trip of a lifetime that really gets under the skin. Nothing could possibly go wrong …

“It looks magnificent, the performers are skilled, the projections immaculate, and the whole thing out of this world”Reviews Gate

Intronauts is at The Civic, Barnsley on Friday 15 March at 7:30pm

Tickets: £12 | £10 conc | £8 student

For more information and to book these events and more visit www.barnsleycivic.co.uk or call the Box Office on 01226 327000.

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