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This being the first post, I will begin by welcoming one and all to The Arrow blog. We intend to use this blog as a kind of extension of the magazine with further articles and information. It would be great to feature some of our reader’s articles and get discussions going, whether it be about local issues, historical matters or even suggestions for the magazine and the blog. If you would like to submit anything at all either to the magazine or as a guest blogger, please get in touch (contact details at the end of this post).

Over five years ago, when Joanne told me about her idea to run an advert-funded community magazine, my first and almost instinctive reaction was to say ‘it’ll never work’. It wasn’t a doubt in Joanne’s abilities but I thought getting advertisers on board would be impossible. Anyone who knows Joanne, will realise that telling her ‘no’ is the metaphorical red rag.

Sometimes, it’s great to be proved wrong, especially when it means success! The Arrow has gone from strength to strength and we know this from the reaction of our readers and from the continued support of our advertisers. By trade, I am a website designer but I have to say that I enjoy designing adverts for The Arrow much more. Being from Barnsley, and hopefully moving back soon, I feel a kind of ‘kinship’ to the businesses and individuals that I design for. I’m sure you will agree that people from Barnsley are, on the whole, a very friendly lot who are particularly loyal to their town. I did not realise the extent of this until I moved away.

I began ‘assisting’ Joanne with The Arrow when it was in it’s infancy but, over the last six months and due to high demand, I have been working on the magazine on a more permanent basis. It’s a great feeling driving through Mapplewell, Darton and other Arrow areas and seeing the businesses that I have created adverts for. I get a real sense of pride and, as well as keeping the wolves from my door, I like to think that my efforts contribute to the success of these businesses.

So what of the future? Well, we have a great new feature coming up that I think will be of great interest to most people but I wont give any more details as yet. It seems that more and more businesses are realising the potential of targeted local advertising and this is evident by the high demand for our advertising space. The future can also be shaped by our readers – tell us what you want to see (or what you don’t), send us your articles, poems, information – we’d love to hear from you.

For magazine articles email Joanne at: If you would like to contribute to our blog, contact me (Phil Ruston) at:

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