Yorkshire Car Parts Distributor Signs Deal To Keep People Safe

One of the UK’s largest car parts distributors has teamed up with South Yorkshire lone worker experts Peoplesafe to protect its staff.

Andrew Page, which has its head office in Leeds, has given 100 of its frontline staff special devices that can raise the alarm if they need help.

The devices are being used by staff at the company’s main distribution centre at Markham Vale in north Derbyshire and by staff across the company’s 114 branches.

One of the devices, the Identicom, looks like a name badge, but has a hidden alarm button and GPS locator, so people can easily be found in an emergency. It is being used by people working at the 100,000 sq ft distribution centre, by branch managers and HGV drivers.

The other product, the Twig Protector, offers the same high level of protection as the Identicom, but looks like a mobile phone. It has a man-down capability, which means it sets off an alarm if the user falls over. Both devices link to Peoplesafe’s 24-hour monitoring centre.

Peoplesafe is one of the UK’s leading providers of simple and lightweight equipment and monitoring to keep employees as safe as possible. Lisa Reed, health and safety officer at Andrew Page Ltd, said the decision to introduce the devices fitted in with the company’s strong focus on its people. She said: “The personal safety of our staff is a priority. Employees now feel safer when carrying out their duties in the knowledge that emergency help is only a button push away.” Ian Johannessen, managing director of Peoplesafe, said: “We are delighted to be working with Andrew Page as we know how they value their staff and their welfare.

Peoplesafe’s clients include a range of major retailers, house builders and facilities management companies.

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